v0.4.3 1/11/2023

  • fix: cancel update if handler returns false bcdc750

v0.4.2 2/6/2022

  • update: add "import" to exports object in package.json c83bb05

v0.4.1 12/7/2021

v0.4.0 12/7/2021

  • fix: file name in package.json 0243bfd
  • refactor: use relative paths 3cf4001
  • refactor: remove rollup and use vite lib mode 0c60be1
  • update: lint examples 3fc8d30
  • refactor: force immediate update 7c545d9
  • refactor: watch positions for update - not whole state f4e6a11
  • refactor: add reactive state to composables 3afe2ed

v0.3.9 11/23/2021

v0.3.8 11/23/2021

  • fix: transform regex not matching % values 360de6c
  • update: force transformation on update end b49d015
  • update: use get helper in useDraggable/useDraggableCore ca31080
  • chore(deps): update vueuse to latest c34df58
  • fix: draggable and draggable core components not updating state properly 59419c1
  • fix: node-type 311bf18

v0.3.7 11/18/2021

  • fix: watcher causing scale to calculate transform wrong 0fb73fe

v0.3.6 11/18/2021

v0.3.5 11/17/2021

  • fix: missing classes on load f769b5a
  • feat: merge transform values 5dbeb48
  • update: new demo and docs url 5653c1d

v0.3.4 11/17/2021

  • fix: styles causing position to create a wrong transformation 0762c47

v0.3.3 11/17/2021

  • fix: pass current pos from draggable to core 42fcb9c

v0.3.2 11/17/2021

  • fix: package.json version number 3c60b7c
  • fix: deltas and positions not aligning between draggable and core 8aeceb5
  • update(docs): add gif to readme and docs index page 9df5f80
  • fix: typescript version fixed to 4.3.5 9309362
  • refactor!: remove slack 0b06fd7
  • fix: bounds causing inverted drag d7ee9f2
  • v0.3.0 16ed593
  • chore: Add funding.yml 4543a2e

v0.3.1 10/12/2021

  • fix: typescript version fixed to 4.3.5 dd8e51a
  • refactor!: remove slack 6f10531
  • fix: bounds causing inverted drag 61ff8f0

v0.3.0 9/6/2021

features: (Google Chrome specific) transform fix option added

v0.3.0-5 8/19/2021

  • update(example): Overwrite controlPos correctly a2b39ae
  • update(composable): Correct starting positions 0fb3822

v0.3.0-4 8/19/2021

  • fix: Jumping positions when custom styling and transform fix are active together 30f0a35
  • update(docs): Remove x and y from DraggableOptions 13c80ac

v0.3.0-3 8/17/2021

  • fix: Transformations not applied on state change d9d664a

v0.3.0-2 8/16/2021

v0.3.0-1 8/16/2021

  • chore(deps): Update draggable to next tag in vue2 demo 676b7e6
  • update(docs): Debugging info e13ddb8
  • fix: Transform fix option stuck in infinite loop ecb8462

v0.3.0-0 8/15/2021

  • feat: Add transform fix option d6adf2a
  • chore(deps): Remove fast-deep-equal 7e4b031
  • update(docs): Draggable and Draggable Core documentation b575079
  • update(core): Stateless core b46b9fd
  • fix(example): Rem fix event handler 8f8dd77
  • fix: blurry transformation in chrome 2617745
  • update(directive): Binding value fb92497
  • feat: scoped slot in Draggable component * exposes state ref 0b40f75
  • update: remove init function from Draggable component * Change type of draggable in directive 1789979
  • feat: Add initial state func to composables 4ee4ba0
  • update(example): move info icon a little more to the top-right corner of WrapperBox.vue f661bd1
  • update: remove unused ref from Draggable.ts e1fc8a5
  • update: Add jfrueh to sponsors! 🏌️‍♀️ c297479

v0.2.9 7/29/2021

  • update: add workflow ci for develop branch 837f133
  • refactor: extend dev script aadd5c6
  • fix: state types a00c840
  • chore(deps-dev): bump vite-plugin-windicss from 1.2.5 to 1.2.7 6dccdb0
  • chore(deps-dev): bump vue-tsc from 0.0.24 to 0.2.2 2c1b63d
  • refactor: renamed emitter in directive to emit (more uniform with vue) 6825f28

v0.2.8 7/29/2021

v0.2.8-0 7/29/2021

  • update: vue2 demo 7f928c7
  • fix: Implement an actual obj comparison library instead of using json.stringify to compare chore: add fast-deep-equal to deps 7080bc5
  • fix: infinite updates on directive d4e8587

v0.2.7 7/29/2021

  • update: add colors to windicss.config.ts in vue2 demo * remove composition api alias from nuxt.config.ts c226ce7
  • chore: deps in vue2 demo e1e9cfd
  • fix: Render functions in components for Vue2 8afb98b

v0.2.6 7/29/2021

  • fix: useDraggable.ts and useDraggableCore.ts implement a regular ref + watcher for state and change detection of state if currently on Vue2 * Vue3 contintues using a controlledRef 2c9484e
  • fix: nuxt2 demo 68d6b13

v0.2.5 7/24/2021

  • update: add z-index 999 when example box is being dragged b24e815
  • fix: no more passing multiple children to Draggable, it's not supposed to work that way 006b830

v0.2.4 7/23/2021

  • feat: Add info modal to examples with code snippets 16855de
  • fix: tests looking for non existing class (been removed with update) f550836
  • update: example 692bb6e
  • fix: some issues with scrolling 10bce34
  • update: example app 0539cc9
  • fix: regression bug using useMouse fbe1c3c
  • fix: add safelist to windiconf d52e84e
  • fix: windiconf not extracing from demo dir 80310e2
  • feat: Prettier demo (thanks Windicss) b9cd2ea
  • fix: spread props on update in Draggable.ts 8f005da
  • feat(demo): Add WrapperBox.vue for prettier demo boxes update(demo): App.vue with new Boxes 22cb42b
  • fix: state updates happening before change (should be on changed) * bind attrs to slots a479bc3
  • update: move colors to separate file * add some colors * windi confs 5e10ed9
  • chore: remove check for specific nr of elements from test bd2db81
  • feat: expose state as scoped slot prop update: windicss.config.ts ed8a253
  • update: renamed demo dir to vue2 demo 773583d
  • feat: use ref as "state" for composables * expose state back to user if user wants to update composable state * that stuff is all handled internally by the component / directive a34f3f9
  • update(demo): add colors to windicss.config.ts c725774

v0.2.3 7/20/2021

  • update: add listener to draggable on demo el 2d467c4
  • update: minor styling change for example a8039e4
  • chore: update example as demo doesn't deploy on Vercel... locally it works of course 257f792
  • fix: deps chore: add nuxtjs compsition api to demo * add tsconfig.json to demo 0f66669
  • fix: deps ff2750b
  • fix: docs index format 59c822e
  • fix: demo nuxt conf chore: peer deps for demo 3af8947
  • chore: fix demo script 1452a9c
  • chore: deps add script for demo a74bd4d
  • fix: demo conf * docs index page format 8987b21
  • chore: demo deps b9a4f76

v0.2.2 7/20/2021

  • feat: Beautified demo fix: check if node is present before applying transformations 4fc7f72

v0.2.1 7/20/2021

  • Full Vue2 + Vue3 Support
  • v0.2.1-6 67068b9
  • fix: update props to composable when component updates 98ee7a6
  • v0.2.1-5 105e8c8
  • feat: add callback option as prop to components and option to composables * Add type for event listener b520b90
  • update: 106a0cf
  • v0.2.1-4 5951315
  • update: docs 89e4869
  • update: check which vue version to render components * Vue2 will need a wrapper element whereas we can just use the elements as they are for Vue3 (for whatever damn reason i cannot figure out) fa77904
  • v0.2.1-3 efaeca3
  • refactor: add draggable in component on mounted hook (possibly avoid issues with slots.default() being called outside of render scope for vue2) update: docs 085a6e6
  • v0.2.1-2 5fd7d36
  • feat: support multiple slots passed to <Draggable> * render elements without a wrapper when used by component (why else use jsx...) update: Example app 785e25c
  • update: build config * 6948293
  • update: build config * 5e12d57
  • v0.2.1-1 71fa05c
  • update: rollup.config.js split into js and ts files * tsconfig with jsxfactory * package.json with new file names and exports * add some info to package.json chore: added deps for successful build 854d71f
  • update: named instead of default export in index.ts 052bdd0
  • fix: shims-vue.d.ts 2b8149a
  • fix: Render functions not passing el ref correctly * Use templateRef of vueuse instead 230be64
  • v0.2.1-0 d10fc02
  • fix: circular deps * remove vue from externals * add vueuse to externals c0511f3
  • update: add components to Plugin bd10930
  • v0.2.0-0 9a647e6
  • update: docs index 83021d2
  • fix: circular dep 2aa6e9d
  • update: docs and with info on component again 99efd72
  • feat: Reimplemented components, though they will not be without a wrapper so we can support Vue2 * Composable or directive usage is preferred * Composables heavily updated with better unMounting and no callbacks (instead use event hooks) 1413913
  • v0.1.14-0 55d08bc
  • update: test & example 64447d5
  • update: docs * removed info on component * renamed dragggableprops to draggableoptions to avoid naming confusion as they're not props anymore e44a8ae
  • feat(breaking!): Composable hooks introduced * Components removed in favor of directive usage * Revue Draggable gains compatibility for Vue2 by not using components which result in warnings (createVNode doesn't exist in Vue2) and instead relying on directives and composable hooks update: Examples use directive instead of wrapper-component * Move wrapper-components to examples to showcase how they could possibly be used by users themselves * Remove section about components from 3dc69ab
  • update: docs with info about event hooks f5d5d49
  • refactor: check if vnode instance or native el has to be used to emit events upwards from element 97b8cec
  • feat!: implement event hooks for onDragStart, onDrag and onDragStop * UseDraggable and UseDraggableCore return types completely changed to return these event hooks instead of event listeners that one could attach themselves * Eventlisteners are attached by the composables directly to the element (transformations as well) chore: add vueuse to deps 8a402ff